Top 9 Cell Phone Batteries Capacity

Top 9 Cell Phone Batteries Capacity

Cell Phone batteries can be said it is the lifeblood of mobile phone. Many people pay great attention to battery capacity when they choose a mobile phone. Although the battery life of a mobile phone battery is not only related to the battery capacity. But also related to screen specifications, System optimization, Component manufacturing processes, and useage habits. But high capacity battery always can give customers a psychological sense of “security”

Today, i will list Top 10 Mobile Phone batteries capacity , and check which number is your Phone.

No. 9

iPhone 7 | iPhone 7 Plus  - 2000 mAh below

Due to the differences in the system mechanism between IOS and Android, The battery capacity of iPhone is always lower than Android. Taking the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus battery as a example, The capacities of two are 1960mAh and 2910mAh respectively. Which is not very high, However, the actual experience is not so bad, One day is enough.


Samsung S8 | Note 8 | Xiaomi 6 - 3000mAh Capacity

3000mAh- 4000mAh this range is the current mainstream level of Android’s Flag hip battery capacity. As the Android flagship machine uses low-power compoents, this capacity battery not only ensure the body’s lightness and thinness, but also ensure that the battery life will be not collapse, For example, Samsung S8 , Note 8, LG V30, Millet 6, etc...Are in this range.


OPPO R11 Plus | HuaWei Mate 9 - 4000mAh Capacity

The 4000mAh battery is generally a good idea for bith types of mobile phones: One is the flagship with large screen size or higher resolution, Such as the 5.7inch cell phone, for example: HuaWei Mate 9, and the 6.4 inch millet MIX. It is the big screen that compare electricity costs. The second is the flagship player’s battery life. Such as 4100mAh XiaoMi Red Rice Note 4X, 4000mAh Charm blue Note 5, 4000 mAh 360N5, etc...


ASUS 3s | Xiaomi Max 2 | Gionee M6 - 5000mAh

If 4000mAh battery is already common in normal machines now, 5000mAh battery is more eye-catching. ASUS has two product lines of Pegasus and Djinn. These Phone batteries, Such as the Pegasus 3s and Dianxin 5000. are equipped with 5000mAh batteries, Giant screen Xiaomi Max 2 built-in 5000mAh battery. 350 N4s to provide 5000mAh battery, and has been the main battery for Gionee M6 also has 5000mAh battery


AGM X2 | Gionee M6 Plus - 6000mAh

The mobile phone with 6000mAh battery is very rare on the current market, and it is mainly used by some super-telephones or outdoor mobiles that use three defenses. For example, the AGM X2 standard version of the Wolf Wolves 2 offers a 6000 mAh battery, while the Gionee M6 Plus is upgraded to 6020 mAh as the M6 screen increases.


Gionee M2017 - 7000mAh

When it comes to mobile phones with 7000mAh batteries, the most representative is Gionees M2017 that was launched at the end of last year. Its battery is made of two 3500mAh batteries in parallel, and it is the best in the flagship mobile phone released last year.

No. 3

AGM X2 Geek Version - 8000mAh

The AGM X2 standard comes with a 6000mAh battery, and the geek version that will be available in October will have an 8000mAh built-in battery. However, because it is an outdoor mobile phone, its body thickness is also relatively sacrificed, it appears a bit heavy.


小依沐 EX1 机器人 - 9000mAh

9000mAh mobile phone We looked for a long time, there really is a. In 2014, the domestically produced Xiaoyi Mu EX robot, which uses a camera body that is comparable to a heavy camera, is designed to contain the 9000mAh large battery. Telling the truth It is really like a brick...


Ouki K10000 Pro - 10000mAh

The No.1 is Ouki K10000 Pro, in fact, it not only shocked the foreign media in this year's MWC with large battery capacity, and even took this application. Guinness record, really terrible.

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