The Secrets of Cell Phone Battery

Many People have the same impression of mobile phone batteries, just like the power icon at the top of the phone. However, Many secret are hidden in this device

Secret one: “In fact, I’m afraid cold “

Temperature will affect battery activity. Excessively high or low temperatures may cause battery life and battery charging issue.

Nowadays, Most Mobile phone on the market use lithium-ion batteries, which consist of positive electrode, a negative electrode, a separator and an electrolyte. If the temperature drops, the reaction rate of the electrode will drop. The discharge current will decrease, the battery power output will drop, then the power consumption of the mobile phone will increase, after, The charging speed will slow down, at last, the mobile phone will automatically shut dow.

So, if you’ve been feeling that”the battery power is used faster than ever before”, it is cold environment that “Stolen” the power of your phone.

Similarly, When the temperature rises, the output power of the battery also rises, but when the temperature rises about 45, The chemical balance in the battery is destroyed, then resulting in deterioration of the battery performance and shortening of the cycle life. In order to protector battery. When the temperature of the mobile phone is too high, it will shut down automatically.

What should we do for cold environment.

1. Reduce use mobile phone in the low temperature environment.

2. Keep your phone warm.

3. Find some method to save your battery power.

Secret two:” If always in low battery condition, i will”

The phone will be remind us to charge again and again when the battery power below 20%. Why remind us at 20%?  That’s because using mobile phone in a low-battery condition will affect the battery life.

On this point, there is another rumor that :”when the power consumption is below 20%, it will cause the internal chemical activity of the battery decrease and shorten the battery life. If the power consumption is less than 5%, it may cause excessive battery discharge. The battery internal voltage is too low, will cause the phone to fail to boot and charge.

How to protect:

1. Charging full battery, then unplug it

2. Try to use Original charge

3. Don’t charge the phone when it remind us,try to use it after charge full, in order to extend the battery life.

Secret Three: “i choose blend together with Mobile phone”

Why most of mobile phone are the build-in batteries today? The main reason are as follows:

1. To avoid battery loss, looseness, poor contact.

Detachable battery has risk of being lost, some people will slid the phone to the group, and the battery flew out 3 meters away. If unlucky, The battery will be disappear. And frequent disassembly and replacement of the battery may cause wear between the battery and the connector, resulting in poor contact.

2. Increase Waterproof function

The build-in battery will not contact with the outside world, which reduce the Probability of water in the battery. Thereby, reducing the risk of battery short circuit

3. Optimize the appearance of Mobile Phone

With the advancement of mobile phone production technology,The screen is getting larger , and the body is becoming thinner, The internal battery takes up less space inside the phone and naturally becomes the choice of mobile phone manufacturers.

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