Mobile phone battery technology Revealed: Samsung does not use the safest battery?

Mobile phone battery technology Revealed: Samsung does not use the safest battery?

Recently sitting in the office, as soon as i heard Samsung exclusive SMS ring tone,My heart will “ thump”


After more than 30 ”demolition” incidents, Note 7 almost became a “street rat” . In China , United States , Japan and other major airlines banned Note 7 on the grounds of the existence of battery safety hazards. Although several times in the statement, Samsung and its battery supplier SDI on the issue of whether the battery is culprit of the explosion, But the battery safety of mobile phones has not been accidentally pushed to the cusp.


What is the current battery safety situation? How to use the battery correctly? To understand these issues, perhaps you will have a new understanding of the “explode”

Why cell phone battery will explode ?

Most of the mobile phone batteries we use today are li-ion batteries. There are two common causes of explosion of lithium-ion batteries: Overheating and mechanical damage.


Overheating is the most common cause of explosions in lithium-ion batteries. It usually refers to the external factors caused by thermal runaway , which is the temperature of a part of the battery rise, and then lead to other parts of the temperature rise, So then more and more battery part heat, forming a vicious cycle, the battery electrolyte began to expand, steam appears, Eventually the battery exploded due to excessive internal pressure.

Mechanical damage is another reason, in short, extrusion causes a short circuit. Lithium-ion batteries are lightweight and durable. From the bulky “big brothers” to today’s smart, lightweight smart phones. Battery improvements have played an important role. However it is precisely because we are increasingly dedicated to pursuit of lighter, lithium-lion battery in the design, the diaphragm between the housing and the positive and negative levels become thinner, which lays hidden dangers for battery safety. Because once the diaphragm is damaged, it may cause a short circuit, resulting in heat generation inside the battery.

How to avoid battery explosion?

However, even a relatively safe poly-lithium battery may still explode due to high temperatures, short circuit, overcharge, heavy blow, or battery damage. In theory, no battery can be absolutely safe, and safety can only be compared to different standards.

                                             Different battery safety standards

Therefore, in normal use, we still need to avoid extreme situations, The following are some guidelines for the safe use of lithium-ion batteries:


1. Use the original battery provided by mobile phone manufacturer. Don’t use batteries made by unknown manufacturers because of the low cost of use.( Although the Note 7 incident makes this article very ambiguous, buying batteries that are unknown will only increase the risk.)


2. Do not charge in environment where the temperature is too high or too low ( below Zero degrees). Overheating can easily cause the battery overheat. When the temperature is too low, lithium metal will precipitate on the surface of the negative electrode to form lithium crystals. The deposition of lithium crystals will pierce through the separator. Cause a short circuit in the battery ( But now some batteries have been added to prevent the charging technology in low temperature environment).


3. If you need to use some functions that are easy to heat the phone when you charge it. Or charge it through the night, then it’s best to remove the phone cover to ensure that the battery is properly cooled.


4. Maintaining more than half of the battery’s power is helpful for extending battery life because lithium ion batteries are vulnerable to damage at low voltages;


5. Pay attention to the charging environment, try not to charge near flammable materials, in the car or in the safe passage;


Finally, Don’t joking! You may often see online video-shake-out on the internet. Using a knife, smashing with a hammer, baking with a microwave oven, etc.....You don’t have to waste time mimicking it, The ending only one--explosion 

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