How to Ship Mobile Phone Batteries and Camera battereis from China

As a 13 years Phone battery manufacture in China, We get a log of clients inquire about certificate about Cell Phone Batteries and Camera Batteries and i understand most of clients are afraid customs deduction for certificate problem.

In this article i will try to list some of certificate need in US market and Euro Market and how to judge the certificate from Chinese Manufacture.

Mobile Phone batteries and Camera batteries usually considered Dangerous Goods when transported by airplane, So, Logistics for these series of goods is difficulty. So it is important for shipper when ship the goods out to customers have request certificates.

Documents and Certificates requirements in US and Europe Market

When importing Cell Phone batteries or camera batteries it is very important to verify that your supplier can provide all the relevant document and certificated in order to get the goods safety.

1. MSDS ( Material Safety Data sheet) : Your shipper / forwarder should have this documents

2. UN38.3: It is Lithium battery UN38.3 Test Report. Your shipper / forwarder should have UN 38.3 Test or UN Transportation Testing (UN/DO 38.3) for the products. This is one of the most important documents that Express Company will ask for booking your goods for a flight.

3. UL (Underwriter Laboratories Inc): it is better have this document for your supplier / forwarder.

4. FCC(Federal Communications Commission): Your supplier and your freight forwarder should be working hand in hand to make sure smooth and fast delivery.

5. CE(CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE): To make sure your goods quality, it is better ask CE certificate before make a order.

How to Judge the Certificate

1. Check the Validity period

2. Company name or Address is same as Company website

3. Batteries include or not in certificate

4. Laboratory is authority or not

As a professional Mobile Phone Batteries and Camera batteries manufacture. Our job is make highest quality and make sure client get the goods safety

It is Our responsibility to ensure that all of the documents and Certificate for air transport requirement .

We Help lots of Mobile Phone batteries and Camera batteries clients solve the problem about transporting.

Feel free to contact me and consults all of your questions about Phone batteries and Camera Batteries

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