Cost of Mobile Phone Battery in Detail

There are many kinds of mobile phone batteries on the market today, including original batteries, Business batteries, Gold batteries, Universal batteries and so on. The price is also very different, from dollars to several hundred dollars!


The Structure of the mobile phone battery is very simple, what causd the difference? Of course because the businesses that increase price of profits. Another deciding factor is the material! The engineers of Shenzhen ZML battery Technology Co., Ltd explained the cost of structure of the battery in detail.

1. Cellular Battery Cell

It is important part of the battery, The batteries are also divided into three categories, A, B and C, The A batteries are the best batteries, Such as the BYD battery and HongDe batteries, are generally used be large manufactures. SCUD. Such as Nokia is his big customer. In April of last year, Fujian SCUD battery Co., Ltd, injects 50 million holding of HongDe batteries to create a professional SCUD’s good-quality batteries. The batteries of SCUD good-quality batteries currently on the market use the HongDe Cell batteries. The Single price of A-cells( Note:not battery price) is between 2.5$-3.5$. B-type batteries are relatively medium-sized batteries, priced from 1$-1.5$, C-cell batteries are generally used to dismantle the battery out of the battery recycling, the price is generally not more than 0.2$.

2. The Protection board

The protection board are used to protect the charging and discharging safety of the battery. Most of the reasons for battery explosion on the market today are because the battery does not have a protection board! The price of a protective plate is about 0.3$

3. The Plastic Shell,

The General plastic shell is frame-shape, used to fix the battery core, the price seems to be a few cents, There are also some garbage batteries that don’t use plastic shells. They are used directly before and after affixing a piece of plastic, and then wrapped in a label, but the plastic shell at the bottom of the box is easy to fall off. If you see in the market the battery with signs of losse at the bottom, it is generally a garbage battery. It is not recommended not to purchase it!


4. Label Paper

Plastic shell, Label paper, these are used to pack batteries and indicate product information. This is also good or bad, but it does not have much impact!


Summarizing the above point, We can see that a good battery costs about 3.5$, and the difference can be under 1$, which is not difficult to see why the battery price is so big.


Therefore. When customers buy mobile phone batteries don’t buy thoes products are too cheap, quality not guaranteed, And don’t need to pursue hundreds of dollars of original batteries.


If anyone have batteries problem please contact me, let’s discuss together.

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